Worldwide training on equipment, machinery, & processes.

English language editing for websites and documents.


Remote Training:

Pricing services such as those we offer can be difficult at times. We must take into consideration the type of project, where the service will be rendered, the amount of preparation involved, the length of the project, security concerns, travel, language and cultural barriers, and, of course, expenses, among other things.

We have learned that it is best to handle air fare, meals, and accommodations ourselves. This reduces surprises and inconveniences on our end and makes it easier for our clients and their customers, along with avoiding misunderstandings. Therefore we charge a per diem plus expenses. These vary widely depending on where we go and what is involved to complete the task, so each job is bid and negotiated individually.

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Writing and editing services:

Correction and rewriting of existing documentation or web page:

There is a 25 USD fee for service per project, plus 0.08 USD per word. We will carefully examine your existing documentation and correct errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. We will address any problems of word choice, syntax, and writing style. We take your information and rearrange your wording so that the information is in the correct order and flows logically without unnecessary repetition.

New document:

We take the information that you need to get across to your readers and write an original document that will be clear and concise to your intended audience. Working hand-in-hand with you we provide the communication necessary in a way that is understandable, correct, and reflects care and attention to detail. We will bid your job based on number of pages, artwork/illustration needed, and, if needed, cost of travel to learn what we need to know about your machines and/or processes.

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