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English language editing for websites and documents.

Website and Instruction Manual Writing and Editing

  In today’s world of internet commerce your business needs to have information and documentation that reflects the quality of your product.

  If your English website, instruction manuals, or other product documentation uses incorrect spelling, grammar, or word-usage it could harm your credibility with potential customers – ultimately losing an initial sale or future sales.

   Consider your time:

 If your client does not understand your website pages or your instructions they will be calling YOU for help. If the documentation is orderly and easy to understand it will reduce your follow-up time with the customer and the customer’s frustration. A happy customer is a repeat customer and your best advertisement. A confused customer may go somewhere else.

  Do you need clear and concise web pages, operating and maintenance instructions, or perhaps someone to edit or re-write your existing documentation?

  At Remote World Training we have had years of experience dealing with a wide variety of documentation, instructions, and maintenance manuals in the real world. We can help you produce quality documentation that will be clear and understandable to your target clientele. We will carefully examine your existing documentation or web pages and correct errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. We will address any problems of word choice, syntax, and writing style. We take your information and rearrange your wording so that the information is in the correct order and flows logically without unnecessary repetition.

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